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Foster County Soil Conservation District

“Fostering” Our Natural Resources



The Foster County Soil Conservation District is here to promote soil and water conservation by offering financial, technical, informational and educational assistance and opportunities to the people of Foster County. 


Take a look around and get in touch with us if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or are interested in participating in one of our programs!



In addition to helping producers implement conservation practices that help to conserve natural resources, the district is also offers tree planting services to interested residents of Foster County.  Conservation grade trees are available to all interested residents.  Most trees are between 8’ and 24” tall, depending upon the species and age of tree.  Please contact the office if you’re interested in having a shelterbelt put in for wind protection, erosion control, living snow fence, a wildlife planting, or for any other reason. 

What is a Soil Conservation District?

The SCD is a political subdivision run by a board of supervisors, three of whom are elected  to six-year terms in county elections.  The other two are appointed for one year terms.  The monthly business meetings are open to the public, and interested residents are welcome to attend.  The district helps local landowners and producers accomplish conservation goals and include conservation as a part of their operations.  The district also provides education, information, and technical assistance.  The SCD cooperates with state and federal agencies, private organizations, individuals, and businesses to accomplish these goals. The district also provides trees and other services to help residents with their conservation efforts.

Soil conservation districts were established following the Dirty Thirties to provide locally driven and controlled support for conservation efforts by landowners.  The Foster County Soil Conservation District was organized in 1944.  The District was formed to assist people in Foster County with control and prevention of erosion and conservation of soil and natural resources.


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Women’s Ag Day is a celebration to recognize the contribution of women in agriculture.  The 2015 Women’s Ag Day theme is “Agriculture: The Foundation of Our Community.”  There will be a free supper and ag advocate Sarah Wilson will be speaking.  Roger and Ross Florhaug will provide musical entertainment.  The event is scheduled for 6:00 PM, Thursday, April 9, at Carrington Research Extension Center, with registration beginning at 5:30.  Please  make reservations with the District by April 2nd.

Women’s Ag Day